Where to go next…

I’m struggling with a passage I wrote a while ago in class. I don’t know where to take it next, and I can’t even decide if I actually like it! I think it is slightly over-the-top, indulgent, and without any real substance! So, if anyone wants to demolish it and reconstruct it, or to give me any ideas, then feel free! Here it is:

After such an elongated journey through the countless echoes of bark-stripped trees, I eventually arrived at the resting house of the late Mrs. Rudrow. There is no dormant past now. For some, there is no apprehension of stumbling backwards into youth and young manhood, or womanhood, but here holds no redemption or virtue for those who seek it. The small house, stripped of all individuality is set back amongst the hollow graveyard of beheaded trees that have succumbed to the growing instability of Mrs. Rudrow over her last few years.

So, yeah, use and abuse it; I honestly don’t mind!



Please take a look at this exciting website I stumbled upon the other day :


You basically co-write a story with complete strangers, with each person writing their own section towards the story. They also do competitions and it allows you to interact with other writers! I think it is good practice to see how other people write, and how their ideas form. It is also a useful way to meet other writers.

So please, take a look at it!

Poetry Submissions

Just thought I’d drop some poetry magazines that are currently open for submissions! They normally accept short stories or flash fiction as well. Some are quite open minded, and are looking for more visually innovative pieces. Others are quite happy with poems that focus on language and imagery.

Submitting is a great way to get your name known, even if they say no. My only advice is to reply whatever they say, and no matter how rude they are if they don’t accept your work. It is best to just say, thank you very much for reading my work, I appreciate your time.

Also, make sure you read their submissions guidelines carefully, as some of them are quite picky! Here you go:


First Publication… First Time Reflections…

Fantastic and interesting points… definitely worth a read!!

The Dystopian Nation of City-State


James and I learned quite a few things while publishing and marketing our first collection of stories:

1. Have a handful of reviews available for readers the day of release – James and I had no idea that we needed a few reviews for readers the day of release!  What a great lesson!  Creating a fan base will hopefully remedy this for future publications.

2. Schedule the cover art in a timely fashion – James and I have the perfect artist!  I wish we found her sooner!

3. Don’t go to the eye doctor the day of your release date – Ha!  Ha!  James and I did not have a “set in stone” release date.  We received the cover art and decided to publish the electronic version of the anthology immediately.  This was not a problem until I realized I had a follow up eye doctor appointment.  Oops!  James was…

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New Poetry Books

WIN_20141022_172201 (2)

Three fantastic poetry books have arrived in the post today:

Sam Riviere- 81 Austerities

Toby Martinez de las Rivas- Faber New Poets 2

Forward Book of Poetry 2014

I’m looking forward to starting them, but can’t decide which one to begin with! The Forward Book has quite a few good poets that I know in, so I’m looking forward to that one!

The Faber New Poets series is quite an interesting one as well, with some good poets being printed out in the series, and Toby Martinez de las Rivas is definitely one of them!

Finding it tough living at uni? Find a peer mentor to help

I’m sure that we have all felt like this at Uni… or just in general!


Here is another piece that I have written for Keele’s Concourse Magazine, they all seem to have been published at once but I’m certainly not complaining! I’m so grateful for them even reading my work – never mind featuring it on their website. Here is an article about using mentoring services and student support networks in order to settle those first-year nerves and really get stuck in to University life.

The introduction of student-to-student mentoring schemes within higher education to help new and existing students with all aspects of University life;

What has come to light more recently through the media is that a common theme for some university students is the idea of ‘dropping out’ of Higher Education or common complaints of not enjoying it.

However, new help is being made available by some Universities within the UK in the form of student mentoring.

Student mentoring is a scheme…

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